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One of Amp One Tech's strong suits is repairing and maintaining restaurant equipment. There are over 1 Million restaurants in the USA, and the kitchen equipment gets used and abused! And when the worst of the worst happens, we're here to help!

We've seen it all! From plugged fryers to leaking freezers! We'll make sure your equipment gets fixed. However, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients to diagnose problems before they happen. We always recommend having your equipment inspected every three months. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as it should, so the following are some tips that you can easily employ at home to avoid having to work through unexpected disasters before realizing your equipment needs repair.

There is one tip we can give you. USE YOUR SENSES! As the owner or manager of your restaurant, you know your kitchen the best, how it's supposed to look, smell, sound, and feel. So use your experience! If you see any sparks, flames, or excess smoke, give us a call! Grease gets everywhere, and it can potentially ruin your equipment! Grills and fryers deal with gas and fire, so smoke is inevitable. Too much smoke can there are significant problems. Listen to your equipment! A kitchen is a noisy, busy place.

Pay extra attention to how your ovens, fryers, and grills sound. This way, any unusual rattling or hissing will stand out, and we can get it fixed immediately! Any unusual smells, i.e., gas, burning grease, or rotten odors, can indicate poor performance or a small problem that can later turn into a big problem. This one can especially be difficult when trying to pick out the bad smells from the fantastic mix of aromas and tastes you're usually dealing with!

Does anything feel wildly wrong? No, we're not saying put your hand on a hot grill. However, we do recommend touching any cords, cables, pipes, or tubes. If a gas line is loose, that can mean flames where you don't want to have! Are the ends of your extension cords hot? It may time for some replacements. As stated earlier, you know your kitchen better than anyone. When something is wrong, give the professionals at Amp One Tech a call. We understand how hard it is to run a business.

Let us worry about fixing your equipment.

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